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Applications with GUI library or GUI Interpreter:
A Demonstration

An example application is shown in the following figure. By pressing (mouse click) the buttons you can select the different pages of the example application. Various features and components of the GUI library (and the GUI Interpreter of the LCM2 modules, respectivly) are presented.

Lines Demo Menu Demo Slider Demo Main Screen Touch Demo Keyboards Demo Buttons Demo Next Selection


  Selection menu:

Press one of the buttons to select a demo.

To go to the second menu page, press "Next".

For this internet based demo only the function of the buttons are simulated. In a real application, of course all the other touchable objects would show the corresponding behavior.

Applications with the components shown here can both be realized either for your own display hardware using the GUI library, or with the display terminal modules of the LCM2 series which you can control from your application hardware.

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