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As easy as possible - as flexible as needed

Our products and services aim to fit seemlessly to our customers application and to give our customer great flexibility for future modifications. This is very important to us because of the pace of technological progress. Today things can be realized which have been impossible yesterday. Technical systems and their development get more and more complex while there is a large demand to shorten development cycles.

To combine simplicity in the application with flexiblity - this is what we develop our solutions for.
Usually however, the wish for complete simplicity in a sense of "apply without even reading the manual" cannot be fullfilled in real life. The requirement for flexibility for different customer application also means that some adaption will be required.

Products and services which we developed especially with simplification for our customers in mind, we mark with the "SimpUse" Logo.

These are:
  • Starterkits for graphical LCD displays (just in a few hours to the first display application).
  • Free initial consulting for questions about "embedded graphical displays".